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Community Involvement


Bina'a Projects cares about and contributes to the communities where its employees live and work. The concept of “giving back” has guided the company since its beginning.

Bina'a Projects knows that every community is unique, so employees on our construction projects develop site-specific community relations programs to assist with the individual community’s needs. Contributions may be financial, or may be in the form of the time and talent of committed volunteers.

Corporately, Bina'a Projects Corporate Contributions Committee targets non-profit organizations providing programs for children and youth, families, health, education, arts and civic projects, and seniors. Members of the Bina'a Projects Volunteer Council touch a diverse group of individuals, families and institutions. From the aroma of the sandwiches made for the Food Bank’s summer program to the expressions of gratitude for the thousands of dollars of school supplies purchased for Bina'a Projects adopted schools . . . Bina'a Projects is always there, making a difference!

Over the years Bina'a Projects has been constructing outstanding buildings. Through hard work and a focus on quality, we’ve grown to become a national company and a leader in our industry. But these are not the only measures we use to gauge our success. We take great pride in the investments we’re making in the communities where we do business — utilizing volunteerism, corporate giving and partnerships with other organizations. Reaching out to help others is a fundamental part of the way we do business. Bina'a Projects is working hard to earn its place as a partner in the community.